Be Yourself. Love The World. 

Cares about the world: Fast fashion is ruining the planet. There is an excessive amount of mass production of cheap clothes by retailers with extensive fabric waste that ends up in landfill. I want to personally contribute to combating this by operating an Irish owned slow fashion brand, which produces in small quantities that are made to order only. All merchandise is made from sustainable and ethically sourced / fairtrade materials, and where possible, recycled cotton / polyester blend. Items are printed to order, meaning there is zero waste.

Lives Authentically: We all have one life to live. It is important to try to live it to the best of our ability and be true to ourselves. There is so much modern societal pressure to look, act and live a certain way, which can erode the sense of self. We are constantly bombarded with online advertising and branding sending the message that we need to live a certain way to be accepted. We don’t. früjunk calls on people to be themselves. It gives consumers an expressive voice. The brand is influenced by the loud and unapologetic punk aesthetic way of living, and I want this to be reflected in the designs I print in which you can “say it and wear it” in a sense.

Cares about people: The brand cares about ethics, human rights and social causes. früjunk will launch limited edition designs at key calendar dates throughout the year which will coincide with world awareness days. I will continuously give a percentage of the sale proceeds to connected charities, so that from its inception the brand consistently gives back to the world. 

Encourages Community: Everyone wants to find their tribe in life, #früjunkies will be able to have a say & vote on what upcoming designs are produced. When you are part of früjunk, you are a fundamental part of something bigger.