The Story

 Homegrown. Conscious. Bold.

früjunk is a unisex clothing brand based in Dublin, Ireland. Through a synthesis of elements we can find authenticity; this is what früjunk represents. Founded by Sinead Frew, früjunk was born out of a desire to feel both original and expressive in a modern world where it is often difficult to do so while having a positive influence on the retail industry. In 2019 while living and working in Canada, Sinéad started working towards developing her own clothing brand. Now back in Dublin and having completed the build on her printing studio, she is excited to launch this independent brand. The goal is to create compelling, and inspiring product without compromising on overall quality and maintaining artistic integrity. Designs are created and printed in house and through trusted garment partners for larger projects. This brand is for you, for her, for him, for them - welcome to früjunk
'In this modern tech age, and fast fashion driven society, it is easier than ever for brands around the world to emerge and act both unethically and inauthentically. I am both a creative & a businesswoman. This is why I want to source and produce meaningful products that last. I believe in doing things my way , even if that means doing things a little differently - I want this to be reflected in the früjunk philosophy'